Christmas in Florida
The Best Things To Do in Florida at Christmas 2018
Just 188 days until Tuesday December 25th - Christmas Day 2018

Sunshine and Florida at Christmas

When you think of Florida the images that come to mind are normally beaches, oranges, sunshine and beautiful bodies. But it’s because of all those factors that Florida is a great place to spend Christmas. Who wants the cold and the wet when you could have Christmas lunch outside, in 70 degree heat? Not us!

No site about Florida and the holiday season can be complete without mention of a unique place.

Just east of Orlando, on the way to the Space Coast, there’s a little town called Christmas, Florida.

Originally named Christmas Fort in 1837, it dropped the ‘Fort’ at the end of the 19th Century and has become a favourite destination for thousands every year as people wait in a long line to send their cards and gifts with a very unique postmark. It's a charming place to visit, and as you imagine the town is well decorated.

Things To Do At Christmas in Florida

The Florida Rail Road Musuem has an olde-world charm, and unlike most museums you can ride on the exhibits. From Thanksgiving onwards they run the North Pole Express to visit Santa Claus.

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The round trip takes around 3.5 hours, entertained on the train by carol singing, and every child gets a small gift from Santa Claus, if they've been well behaved during 2018.

Another very popular attraction is Santa's Enchanted Forest at Miami's Tropical Park. The centrepiece of this spectacular scene is a beautiful christmas tree, but the park is covered with more than 3 million lights and also features a giant carnival that has more than fifty rides, a petting zoo and a number of live shows. Highly recommended.

Christmas Trees and Florida 2018

christmas tree The Floridians take Christmas trees very seriously, in fact they have several Christmas tree farms that double up as great days out for all the family.

The Ergle Christmas Tree Farm in the center of the state allows you to choose your own tree, even cut your own, but the highlights for the kids include riding the Ergle Train and investigating the farm animals including sheep, goat and geese.

Santa's Christmas Tree Forest has an even greater collection of things to with the kids including pony rides, hay rides, cute farm animals and a zip line (for the older ones). And at Christmas they have special visits from Santa.

Although the majority of Florida locals decorate theit trees with traditional ornaments, there's a rise in more unusual themes, perhaps more fitting to the State - including using sea shells, drift wood, palm fronds, and fishing paraphenalia. When it comes time to adding the lights, then the choices go crazy - our favourite being flamingo lights!

2018 Christmas and Disneyworld Florida

Florida christmas gifts We love Disneyworld, and Christmas is probably the most special time of year. Normally people are pretty happy to visit the park, but during the holidays there's an extra special zing to the crowds.

If you're planning a trip to Florida you should definitely consider visiting Disney World the week before the big day as it's much quieter than the week after the 25th, where some lines could reach four hours long!

The trick is to get in early - the park will open at 7am (please double check on the day you visit) and doesn't really get crazy til noon, so you can have five hours of crowd-free fun.